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Valley View School

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Valley View School information

Valley View School
North Brookfield
(508) 867-6505
Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Valley View is a private residential school providing a therapeutic educational environment for 54 boys between the ages of 11 and 17 who are having difficulty getting along with their families, the world around them and themselves. Typical Valley View students may be boys who challenge authority to the point of psychologically intimidating their parents; others have difficulty in channeling their physical energy in meaningful ways; and a few may appear overly lethargic, bored or depressed. The majority have difficulty in traditional schools and although bright, often have a history of attention deficit disorder, may be oppositional, and are a source of frustration to their families. Traditional classroom methods and practices have generally frustrated rather than encouraged students who go to Valley View. These boys have been characterized as “learning disabled”, “unmotivated”, “hyperactive”, or “disruptive” in the classroom setting. With a maximum of 54 students in the School and an average of 6 in each class, Valley View School can provide intensive remedial instruction. Classes focus on the development and strengthening of skills in basic subjects, including language arts, mathematics, social and physical education, history, and art. An extensive computer facility integrates current technology into the entire academic curriculum.


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