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Excel Academy

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Excel Academy
Boarding School

The program at the Academy emphasizes an away-from-home family setting. Staff members and their families, which may include both children and grandparents, attend campus events and make holidays...or non-holidays.... special events. Staff members at Excel Academy understand that one of their functions is to serve as role models for the students. Older students are also expected to provide strong, positive peer pressure designed to lead new students in constructive directions. At Excel it is fashionable to earn good grades and high SAT scores. Excel Academy has a compelling history of success with students who have had previous treatment failures where the perceived outcome has been poor or nonexistent. The substance abuse program offers a basic twelve-step model with proprietary modifications, which boasts a successful history of maintaining sobriety. As most of their students have been "therapized" in previous treatment settings, the program offers an intensely effective therapeutic milieu without the look and feel of traditional therapy. Labels and diagnoses are left at the door and students are identified and accepted as being intrinsically valuable and good. The program combines a sensitive and nurturing environment with a no nonsense approach. The Academy places a heavy emphasis on ensuring that all students feel safe and part of "the family" regardless of past environment, behavior, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or history of abuse or trauma.


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