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Teen Challenge Kansas City Girls Academy

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Teen Challenge Kansas City Girls Academy information

Teen Challenge Kansas City Girls Academy
Kansas City
Boarding School
12 - 17

The Teen Challenge adolescent girls program is a Christian boarding school providing education, counseling and training for girls 13 to 17 years old with life-controlling problems. Girls who enter our program exhibit behaviors such as: * low self-esteem * depression * rebellion * defiance * deceitfulness * manipulation * promiscuity * drug experimentation As a result, these girls have entered into a destructive lifestyle that has affected the entire family. Rebellion in teens today is a progressive condition that gets dramatically worse without help. We understand the difficulty your family is facing today, and there is an answer! The 15-month program provides each girl with the opportunity to continue her education while learning to control her behavior through individual and group studies. She will also be involved in recreation, chores, community service, special projects and outings. She will participate in chapel, Bible study, choir and drama teams. Most importantly, she will understand how precious she is in Jesus Christ. As the girls grow in faith and self-esteem, they are able to work through the problems that brought them into the program. The Teen Challenge program is a structured and disciplined program designed to develop a sense of personal responsibility, self-discipline, godly character, a sense of right and wrong and self-respect. The final result is a beautiful young lady in the Lord, respectful and respected, capable of completing what she begins and full of hope for the future.


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