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Destined For Greatness

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Destined For Greatness
Christian Programs
12 - 17

What is D4G? D.4.G. which stands for Destined for Greatness is a teen (high school age) focused program. We believe that we are training up the leaders that will change and have an impact in the future. We are dedicated to this generation wanting to make sure that they are enabled to reach their full potential by providing the necessary tools. We believe in balance and being well-rounded in every area of life. Our primary focuses are developing character and raising up leaders. We also believe that education is very important. We have seminars and workshops that help teens during one of their most critical times in life. Choosing a college and finding the funds rather it be financial ad, grants, or scholarships. D.4.G is not only about developing character, raising up leaders, and getting a great education. We also have a list of other areas that we help teens develop in such as, being healthy, teaching life skills, how to handle money, communicating with their parents, and respecting authority. Letís not forget the arts. We want to also enhance self-expression and creativity, develop multicultural appreciation, provide exposure to and develop skills in crafts and visual, performing and literary arts. We realize that teenagers love to have fun. So we make sure that that remains to be apart of all that we do. We take trips, go skating, bowling, have pizza night, celebrate birthdays, have giveaways, play sports, and a host of other activities. We are proud to say that coming soon 2008 to 560 Farragut Street in Greensboro, North Carolina we will have a teen facility that is strictly geared towards teen. This will be a safe environment that will get them off the streets and keep their minds from being idle. They will be able to learn, train, play, and escape to a place of their own.


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