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Galena Ridge

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Galena Ridge
Trout Creek
Wilderness Programs
12 - 17

Galena Ridge provides a small, high quality, rigorous outdoor adventure program with strong educational and emotional growth components. Galena Ridge accepts boys who are 12 - 17 years old and works with a broad range of students, from those who need a boost in self-esteem and motivation to adolescents who are experiencing conflict at home or difficulty in school. These students may be "acting-out" with inappropriate behaviors and may have issues with family, peer relationships and substance abuse. Students and their families are challenged to address difficult emotional issues and make positive changes in their lives. Galena Ridge utilizes a challenging group process model, and is not a "boot camp" or behavior modification program. Galena Ridge is a strong follow-up for teens in transition from other programs or treatment facilities. Galena Ridge courses are also great learning experiences for students, providing stimulating adventure for young men who would benefit from an experience that helps students mature and develop personal responsibility. Galena Ridge is not a behavior modification program. The program addresses both behaviors and feelings and help students explore their interaction with their families. Our goal is to assist teens in the process of improving family relationships by clarifying communication, processing emotional issues, and helping students reevaluate their personal and family priorities. The Galena Ridge wilderness program extends from June through August. During this time, we conduct consecutive expeditions from one to three weeks in length for a group of up to twelve students. We believe the natural environment is an unparalleled teacher, bringing into perspective a student's strengths and shortcomings. Our wilderness courses are conducted in various National Forests in Montana. Our summer students spend one to three months with us as we assist parents and consultants in assessing their child's needs for the upcoming school year. Galena Ridge works with families, not just acting-out teenagers. We consistently find that students need the involvement and support of parents to explore how each member of their family contributes to the family process as a whole. Our family conference at the end of the summer is an important learning experience for parents and their sons.


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