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Eagle Valley Youth Ranch

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Eagle Valley Youth Ranch information

Eagle Valley Youth Ranch
Residential Treatment Center

Eagle Valley Youth Ranch is a residential treatment program serving teenage girls between the ages of 12 to 17. The 24 bed facility is located in Tropic, Utah which is nestled beneath the beautiful pink cliffs of Bryce Canyon National Park. Eagle Valley Ranch offers a wide range of therapeutic programs to assist our students in their recovery. Each student will learn a sense of accomplishment and a unique work ethic while working on our 250 acre ranch located 3 miles north of our residential facility. Here they will have the opportunity to experience a working farm and ranch, participate in equine therapy, and cultivate a garden. Our treatment team incorporates four main components to customize the developemental opportunities of each girl: 1) Individual, Group and Family Counseling; 2) Life Skills; 3) Academics; 4)Agriculture Care. Eagle Valley is fully equipped to provide every opportunity for your daughter's growth. We utilize well-proven and highly effective behavior modfication strategies to address our clients needs and develop their strengths. Each clients program on average will be 8 to 12 months. Good behavior will be praised and negagtive behavior will result in negative consequences. The therapist works hand-in-hand with the staff to make sure that the therapeutic environment is maintained 24 hours a day. Each student receives individual attention from management, therapists, and staff. Information sharing between staff provides for continuity and consistency in their recovery. Students live in a dorm setting, supervised 24 hours a day. Each student is responsible for the care of her own room and the supporting structures and participates in daily chores such as cleaning and cooking; daily academics through independent study, creative life skills training, and animal care. Working the 250 acre ranch offers many lessons such as the value of team work, self reliance, and natural consequences of behavior. Activities are decided on by the students but monitored by staff. Each week students are asked to reflect on their week and report their Reflections to their parents. Many of our students make dramatic changes after they realize that they have talent and that they have their own unique ability to contribute to the world. Eagle Valley Youth Ranch is a nationally accredited school through Northwest Association of Colleges and Schools. We offer financial assistance through SLM fanancial, a subsidiary of the Sallie Mae Corporation.


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