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MTC Wilderness Interventions

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MTC Wilderness Interventions information

MTC Wilderness Interventions
Wilderness Programs
12 - 17

The Mount Carmel Wilderness Intervention Program brings the at-risk teen to the discovery of who he is through the proven therapeutic effects of experiencing the awesome wonders of Gods beautiful creation in the northern Wyoming wilderness. Teens who need help overcoming substance abuse, anger issues, negative and potentially destructive behavior patterns, and poor family/peer relationships will benefit greatly from Mt Carmel Wilderness Interventions program. Parents who are looking for safe and loving help for their struggling teen will find our Wilderness Alternative Therapy program to be just what their son needs. Our time tested and proven outdoor adventure has a therapeutic effect in helping troubled teens find their inner strength and unique gifts, as they discover their true potential in the rugged wilderness climate of Wyoming. Mount Carmel Wilderness Interventions is unique in that we are a real working approximately 500 head/cattle ranch. Through the real work involved in ranching we give each young man who comes to our Mount Carmel Wilderness Intervention Program the opportunity to learn new skills, such as driving tractors, irrigating fields, carpentry, mechanizing, introduction to semi-driving, plant identification, animal husbandry, and all aspects of caring for beef cattle. Unlike other boot camps, brat camps, military schools or wilderness therapy programs where there is not the integration of Reality Therapy into every element of the troubled teens everyday life. Mount Carmel Wilderness intervention Program has a proven 81.3 percent change in most areas of the teens behavior patterns. Many parents report that they see a major improvement in their sons respect for authority, and in their respectful and loving manner of relating with their family members. What makes Mount Carmel Wilderness Interventions a very effective wilderness programs is that we leave the young manís freedom intact. We respect their free will and help them through our Christian educational and experiential approach to come to a deeper understanding appreciation and responsibility for the choices they make and the inherent consequences in those choices. Because we do not run a juvenile correctional facility with electric fences, or any type of "prison walls" we do not need this type of confinement as we have a natural boundary of wilderness. We are 3o miles from the nearest town and we use a night time indoor security system to monitor the safety of the troubled teens in our care. We also have an extensive interview process as we desire to make sure that we do not accept young men with extreme violent tendencies. We had one of our students describe their experience with us in this simple phrase "Mount Carmel is not a group home, it is a family!" This is exactly what we strive to give to each of the young men who come to Mount Carmel Wilderness Interventions , We give him the love, encouragement and friendship he needs to build his self-esteem. We never belittle or degrade who he is, but with firm kindness instruct him on how to become a mature responsible young man who has confidence and self control.


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