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Stevens Treatment Programs

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Stevens Treatment Programs information

Stevens Treatment Programs
Residential Treatment Center
12 - 17

The mission of Stevens Treatment Programs is to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatment to adolescent males of varying needs and cultural backgrounds. Clients become empowered with the skills necessary to rejoin their families and communities successfully. A recognized leader in the field of specialized residential treatment, Stevens offers comprehensive treatment and education to adolescent males who display high-risk behaviors such as fire setting and sexual acting out. Stevens also provides services to adolescents who are assaultive, delinquent, at risk for running away, suicidal and/or have substance abuse issues. Additionally, our comprehensive short-term assessment program is a solution to stabilize a family situation and create an environment for solid planning, by establishing viable options to long-term placement and to determine the most appropriate course of treatment. The academic experience incorporates a comprehensive educational curriculum, including courses in all core content areas, as well a wide range of enrichment classes. All students take courses in English, Language Arts, Mathematics, History/Social Studies, Science/Technology and a foreign language. Instruction takes place in classrooms with a 3:1 ratio tailored to meet each studentís academic needs. The goal is to provide an educational setting where students receive a customized education that allows them to meet state requirements and reach their individual learning potential. The curriculum is designed to provide innovative instruction aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, and accommodate studentsí Individualized Education Program goals. Following an initial assessment, therapy focuses on both strengths and problem areas, with the setting of goals and tasks, which are evaluated on a weekly basis. Therapy assists with the identification of the studentís unique strengths, and the design of the treatment approach builds on these strengths. Masters level clinicians monitor the progress of each goal and provide on-going feedback. Individual, group and family therapy is conducted weekly and are cognitive in nature. The focus is to offer each young man a pathway to a new beginning by helping them realize their potential. Treatment assists youth and their families to look beyond todayís destructive influences towards a positive future.


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