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Mount Carmel Wilderness Interventions

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Mount Carmel Wilderness Interventions information

Mount Carmel Wilderness Interventions
Wilderness Programs
12 - 17

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is a real working cattle ranch that is located in Northern Wyoming close to Cody and the East entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Our adventure-experiential therapies based program helps at-risk teens through a mind, body, and spirit approach aimed at the young mans mature emotional development. We offer many first time experiences that will dramatically improve his ability to make changes towards healthier lifestyle choices. We offer a Catholic faith-family relationships based program model. Unique to our program is character development-based Passport to Manhood that emphasizes core principles of:trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, courage, diligence, and work ethic. Our Programs helps at risk young men, ages 12-18, who display difficulty in these areas: * Academic underachievement * Alcohol and drug abuse * Rebellious and defiant * Cigarette usage * Suspension or expulsion from school * ADD/ADHD * Poor peer choice * Depression * Narcissistic behavior * Anxiety * Anger management * Parental control * Low self-esteem * Abandonment issues * Social interaction * Adoption issues * Emotionally troubled * Divorce reaction * Peer/Sibling conflict * Occult involvement * Sexual promiscuity


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