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Time-Out Samoa

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Time-Out Samoa information

Time-Out Samoa
Residential Treatment Center
12 - 17

Program Philosophy Established in 2003, Time-Out Samoa emerged as a response to the need to help young people, struggling through a difficult time in their lives, through an intimate family- focused uniquely designed program. At Time-Out Samoa we believe that every day and every moment provides an opportunity for growth. Our program celebrates the positive force a family-like environment can create to imbue a human being with confidence to overcome challenges, ability to strive for and then celebrate personal success, determination and stamina to achieve objectives and goals, and the long reaching achievement of happiness in life. Our interconnected program includes the following: Family Life Cultural Life-Skills Training Internships Volunteerism Adventure / Wilderness Therapy Time to Decompress Who we serve At Time-out Samoa we adamantly believe that no child is permanently lost and that the current behavior of that child is a symptom of a deep-rooted problem that we feel can be changed to get to the heart of that individual. Most of the young people that enroll in our Time-out Samoa program have dealt with or are dealing with one, some or all of the following: Disrespectful and defiant behavior Struggling with drugs or alcohol Temperamentally difficult Significant drop in grades Disregarding rules Running away Rebellious Oppositional behavior Poor peer selection Expelled from school Low self-esteem Lack of perspective Afflicted with depression Among other risk factors Our Program At Time-out Samoa we believe that in order for young people to change the course of a negative path they may be in, they must enter a new environment that fosters positive awareness with people who care about them. If they are placed in a group setting with too many other young people who are also struggling through some of the same difficulties and issues, they may instead get swallowed further into their own self-destruction. Our Time-Out Samoa program: Is an interconnected program that weaves together family- life activities, Life-skills training, Adventure/Wilderness therapy, Cultural activities and Volunteerism. Staff believe that focusing on a natural flow of life in which participants are intricately involved instills ownership, confidence, the will to try, along with the endurance and eagerness to see a project/activity through. Takes place in Samoa, a completely new and fascinating country in the beautiful South Pacific. Family-life Time-Out Samoa uses a family-like environment to frame the program because we believe this framework provides the normalcy needed to help the program participants feel safe and offer them a comfortable space in which they can explore their inner- struggles. Examples Family Experiential Activities: Helping to cultivate a vegetable and flower garden Assisting with preparing meals Assisting with tending to domestic animals and on-site livestock Helping with general chores around the house Cultural Activities: Samoa is an exceptionally visually spectacular country replete with waterfalls, rainforests, white and black sandy beaches, incredible reef life, majestic sunsets and many more idyllic portraits. However, most amazing among this sensational backdrop are the Samoan people who inhabit this very captivating country. Samoan culture remains extremely traditional and strong even in the face of the changing world. Examples of Cultural Activities: Spending time with a local family in a local village Attending cultural exhibitions such as a fire dance or the work of local artists Learning about the Samoan way of life and skills Learning how to prepare local cuisine Learning about Polynesian medicinal plants Life-Skills Training: At Time-Out Samoa we believe in the human potential of each individual. We strive to help participants attain their human potential through experiential projects/activities that: promote new skills, setting objectives and goals, and enhancing their endurance to see those projects/activities through; build a work ethic, self- esteem and confidence in their own potential and abilities; achieve responsibility, independence, respect, and personal and emotional growth. Examples of Life- Skills Training Activities: Learning to Sail and being part of our sailing crew on our 35 foot Catamaran Shilo Building a Samoan house Participating in the family sailing and water sports business where he will learn skills such as marketing and accounting, multi-tasking and organizing his time Plantation/Agricultural projects such as cultivating local hardwood trees Maintaining program- affiliated vehicles, boats and buildings Learning to Dive with opportunity to receive a PADI Open Water Certificate Internships: As an extension of the Life-Skills component of our Time-Out Samoa program, this category is the subsequent step once participants have demonstrated a certain level of responsibility, respect, and initiative. Participants are free to choose an internship from a long list we have designed for the program that fits their interest and for which they feel they are equipped with the pertinent skills. Volunteerism: Volunteering and doing something selfless for others we believe is an essential component to our whole approach when helping program participants on their journey of self- discovery. Volunteering helps program participants understand that they are not in the world by themselves, but are instead a part of a larger community in which they can be useful and be appreciated. Through this often they discover an untapped part of their being that becomes an everlasting part of their healthy, whole selves. We offer a myriad of activities but we encourage individuals to find something for themselves that speaks to them and that they are eager to do. Examples of Volunteer Activities: Assisting with boat trips for local handicapped children Helping in local schools NGOs or Non-Profits Samoan Special Olympics Adventure/Wilderness Therapy: Most of Time-Out Samoa incorporates Adventure/Wilderness therapy activities throughout the program:Specifically. Our Time-Out Samoa program begins with an Adventure Week and ends with an Adventure Week. We commence our program with Adventure Week guided by staff because it allows us to immediately grasp the personal situation each individual is in while in a casual, physically challenging, yet intriguing setting. We conclude our program with Adventure Week again because it allows us to gauge how participants feel about their enhanced selves after a long and fulfilling journey of discovery. To begin and end with the same activity illuminates each participant with their own progress and changes. This Adventure Week is important because it is guided by the program participants. They lead each other and staff through adventure/wilderness activities that require confidence, self-esteem, endurance and belief in their own abilities to pull everyone through. Examples of Adventure/Wilderness Activities: Survival week at beginning and end of program Diving Trekking Fishing Time to decompress: At Time-out Samoa we believe that we all need time and opportunities to release. As part of our program we provide personal time so participants can relax. We believe that it is very important for all participants to understand and witness for themselves that life needs these moments so we as humans may rejuvenate and reflect on our personal emotional growth.


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