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Airborne Teen Challenge

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Airborne Teen Challenge information

Airborne Teen Challenge
Boot Camp
12 - 17

Families Forward incorporates: AIRBORNE: a weekend program for (Youth At-Risk/Troubled Teens/Troubled Youth/Juvenile Delinquency/Build Leadership/Camp for Troubled Teens/Underperforming/Boot Camp), Parenting Seminars/Classes, and Counseling into an effective researched based program. Families Forward is a unique Organization in that it seeks to work with the entire family to promote a healthy family structure that can be maintained and grow. Overview The Airborne Challenge Experience serves teens and their families by providing practical family support; resources and training. The aim of the Airborne Challenge is to build strong families and assist adolescent youth along the path of assuming their adult roles. The Airborne Challenge is a program under the direction of FAMILIES FORWARD. The mission of the Airborne Challenge is to assist and support teens to assume their adult roles as healthy, responsible and self-directed individuals who have the skills and capabilities to solve problems, adapt to new situations and exercise the necessary judgment and drive to “do the right thing” in an ever changing social landscape. The mission of the Airborne Challenge experience is advanced by providing a unique blend of student-centered learning activities within the context of a series weekend challenge camps that address the youth as a “whole person.” The unique blend of camp activities challenges the adolescent youth’s intellectual resources, tests them physically, compels them to face and reflect upon the social and moral implications of their decisions. These activities taken together provide campers with a powerful learning experience. These camp activities are facilitated by a trained instructor who uses the camp experiences as a tool for personal reflection and practical application. The Airborne Challenge is a rigorous 48 hour experience designed to draw a clear distinction between productive and non-productive thinking patterns, between effective and ineffective problem-solving strategies, between constructive and destructive attitudes, between relationships that enhance growth and relationships that impede growth, and between persevering effort and the “try once and quit” approach. The activities the Airborne Challenge incorporates includes initiative / high ropes activities, drill and ceremony, physical training, case studies / ‘real life” scenarios, community service, knot tying, and internalizing specially selected content designed to compare and contrast with their current thinking and their view of the world. Campers also attend large group sessions facilitated by an Airborne senior staff member. Senior counselors have primary responsibility for a team of 8 – 10 teens. The senior counselor is aided by an assistant counselor. Overall, the teen to staff ratio is approximately 4 to 1. Figure 1 shows a typical weekend schedule for the Airborne Challenge. The Airborne Challenge is purposeful and fast paced. The Airborne Challenge is composed of nine distinct segments. These nine segments are designed to move teens through the various stages of the change process while maintaining a close relationship to the central mission. These nine segments are intended to build on one another and serve as a continuum for the weekend rather than serve as discrete, stand alone elements. The nine segments are unique in themselves but are designed to build prerequisite experiences to prepare teens for challenges ahead. Goals / Anticipated Outcomes of Airborne Experience: 1. To give a “wake-up” call, it’s time to get control of their lives before it’s too late. To engage in a responsible, growth producing lifestyle (engagement, thinking clearly, metacognition, gathering data through all senses, thinking flexibly, optimism, responsibility) “Wake – up” 2. To experience how to work together as a team and deal with frustration positively Effectively work together as a team to accomplish goals and solve problems. (thinking interdependently, getting along, fun, affiliation, social – emotional, authenticity, safe environment, achievement, love) 3. To develop analytical thinking and problem solving skills 4. To challenge abilities and encourage a positive work ethic 5. To build confidence through new experiences and accomplishments 6. To minimize selfishness and and develop a growing concern for others 7. To help realize personal strengths and encourage their development 8. To help recognize and curb negative attitudes and behaviors 9. To debrief challenge experiences and discuss how to apply them in real life situations 10. To emphasize the importance of growing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually 11. To encourage participants to replace estrangement with reconciliation 12. To encourage participants to ask for help and support from trustworthy family members, teachers, counselors, coaches and clergy to make the necessary changes for a successful life


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