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beyond scared strait

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beyond scared strait information

beyond scared strait
620 680 1045
Residential Treatment Center
12 - 17

hello my name is crystal. and when i was younger i would drink smoke do all types of things i was not proud of. i got my life back on the right track. but now i see my 14 year old neice doing bad things and i am scared for her. she drinks smokes has sex goes after older men, talks back to her elders steals from stores. she wants to be pregnant and i am scared she will wind up dead or raped. i never did 1/2 the things she does but to some point i see myself in her eyes. i dont want to see her go down the path i did at one point. she is only 14 and has her whole life ahead of her. a family who loves and cares about her she just dont see it. and im scared that when she does see it then it will be to late for her. im scared she will wind up raped or killed or knocked up and i dont want to see that happen. please help my neice. i want to get her the help she needs before its to late to save her. even if that means wemon in a prison sell scaring the hell out of her.i always watch the scared strait program on tv and make mary watch it to in hopes that it will make er change her life but sence its a show she dont care. she thinks life is a game and its not. so please help my neice mary.


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