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Mountain Homes Youth Ranch

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Mountain Homes Youth Ranch information

Mountain Homes Youth Ranch
Wilderness Programs
12 - 17

At the MOUNTAIN HOMES YOUTH RANCH, children can find themselves again through reestablishing important basic principles of behavior in their lives. They will learn to view themselves, their surroundings, and others in a new and different perspective; one in which they will see themselves as valued and meaningful contributors. The MHYR program is divided into three phases: Beginning, Advanced, and Ranch. In the Beginning phase, participants learn the interdependency of nature's resources, personal skill and knowledge, and responsible and cooperative behavior for the sustaining of life's basic needs. As participants learn ancient Indian skills using the resources of nature, they begin to develop an awareness of themselves regarding their abilities and the values of cooperation and responsibility to the community in meeting basic life needs. For more information visit <a href="http://www.mhyr.com/" target="_blank">Mountain Homes Youth Ranch Web Site</a>


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