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The Ranch House

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The Ranch House
Boarding School

The Ranch House focuses on essential issues of character, awareness and accountability, ownership and empowerment. The foundation of our program is built upon the understanding that today's adolescents are in dire need of a process that allows them to deal with the increasing conflict and confusion they face every day. They need a process that challenges and acknowledges their physical and mental as well as emotional and spiritual struggles and accomplishments. We facilitate this process. Within that framework, we also address the issues of education and family. The participants gain awareness and "tools" through a structured program, which incorporates community service, academics, group and individual counseling, and family guidance and counseling.


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There are hundreds of boarding schools, boot camps, and a variety of other specialized teen help programs in the United States to choose from. Our representatives can help you select the school that is ideal for your teen. You should never be afraid of your out of control teen or afraid of what the future holds for your at-risk youth. You are the parent, you have the choice. Choose what is best for your teen; consider the assistance of a boarding school, boot camp, or military school for your struggling teen. A reform school or military academy will collaborate with you to help your at risk teen have a better relationship with you and a better chance at life.