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Tilton School†

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Tilton School†
Boarding School

Tilton School challenges students to embrace and navigate a world marked by diversity and change. Through the quality of human relationships, Tilton Schoolís faculty cultivates in its students the curiosity, the skills, the knowledge and understanding, the character and the integrity requisite for the passionate pursuit of lifelong personal success and service. Tilton School Values People: We believe that students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni are the cornerstones of the school. We place students at the center of The Tilton Experience, and enroll young people capable of both contributing to and benefiting from the school. We are committed to recruiting and supporting faculty and staff who are dedicated, through both education and example, to the schoolís mission. We seek and expect a genuine partnership with parents as we work together in challenging and supporting our students. While encouraging the alumni to be active in their schoolís life, we are committed to honoring them and their historic relationship to the school. Education: We value the active pursuit of knowledge and the growth of intellectual curiosity. We provide a rigorous academic program designed to prepare graduates to be successful college students and contributing members of society. We support various pathways to learning; the acquisition of genuine understanding is our goal. We are committed to the principle that all students can excel. We believe that by providing a broad range of learning experiences, students develop problem solving skills and self-confidence while becoming independent and critical thinkers. Community: We believe the well-being of the whole community is founded on the fundamental principle of respect. We explore the moral, ethical, spiritual, cultural, and ecological dilemmas of our time. By doing so we promote a just and healthy school community and wider world. Commitment: We believe all members of the school have a duty to commit themselves to learning, to building a respectful community, and to supporting the well-being of the school to the extent each is capable.


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