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Tranquility Bay

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Tranquility Bay
Boarding School

Just a few hundred miles from the Southeast tip of the United States is the friendly Caribbean island of Jamaica. Thousands of U.S. citizens visit Jamaica each week to enjoy the sunny beaches, the beautiful scenery, the congenial hospitality, and the relaxed tranquility of this tropical island. Jamaica is an excellent location for the Program because it offers the benefits of a foreign site yet is still close to the United States with easy access for any needed U.S. services or technology. At Tranquility Bay, students are enriched and effectively impacted by a unique cultural experience in Jamaica's warm yet humble and modest surroundings. Tranquility Bay provides an effective program for teens who are struggling in their home, school, or community. This Program is specifically designed to help teens replace inappropriate attitudes, behaviors, and habits with new, productive ones. Tranquility Bay is located at a remote beach facility along the south coast of the island. The benefits of a foreign site are numerous. First, the students are put into an entirely new environment, far away from the negative friends and influences that have adversely affected their lives. Second, the teens discover that they are in an unfamiliar culture. As a result, the teens tend to be much more teachable and open to change and direction. Third, a foreign experience helps broaden the teen's insight, awareness and perspective. Fourth, a foreign setting is much more impacting and instills a greater appreciation for home and family. Fifth, not only do the teens get the help they need, but a valuable overseas experience that they will likely remember and appreciate the rest of their lives. Additionally, due to the greater value of the U.S. dollar in Jamaica, the Program can provide its services at a significant reduction of cost to families. All of these reasons make Jamaica an excellent option for teens needing to make changes in their lives.


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