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Utah Boys Ranch

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Utah Boys Ranch
West Jordan
Boarding School

Contrary to popular belief kids love structure. Troubled teens also like structure. They want to know exactly what their parameters are. That's the very first thing they notice about the Utah Boys Ranch program when they arrive on our 77-acre campus. We have a lot of staff that provide a lot of loving structure for them to succeed in. It is a difficult time in our society to raise teenagers. Many of the parents that came to us for help are facing the same problems; their sons are spiraling out of control. Substance abuse, internet pornography, rude defiant behavior, and authority issues abound. The parents have worked and labored in behalf of each young man but there are just too many negative influences bombarding the young man and a very troubled teen emerges. Teens in crisis are difficult to reason with and difficult to talk to. Many parents allow out of control behavior to escalate and continue. They have a difficult time asking for help and letting go to allow someone else to intervene. That's where we come in. Utah Boys Ranch has been serving troubled youth and their families for 40 years. We have developed a beautiful campus that incorporates therapy, recreation, school, and spirituality in an effort to provide an opportunity for your son to succeed. This holistic approach works! If you as a parent are experiencing any of the problems mentioned above, please give us a call today. We are here to help.


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There are hundreds of boarding schools, boot camps, and a variety of other specialized teen help programs in the United States to choose from. Our representatives can help you select the school that is ideal for your teen. You should never be afraid of your out of control teen or afraid of what the future holds for your at-risk youth. You are the parent, you have the choice. Choose what is best for your teen; consider the assistance of a boarding school, boot camp, or military school for your struggling teen. A reform school or military academy will collaborate with you to help your at risk teen have a better relationship with you and a better chance at life.