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Symptons of Teen Drug Abuse

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Preventing Teenage Drug Abuse

There are no obvious signs of early drug use, unless you actually see it happening. The only way to know if your child is just beginning to use drugs is through open communication.

Once drug use reaches abusive levels, certain types of behavior may tip you off. However, even these behaviors are not proof of drug abuse; they may have other causes. Either way, you should still give the following signs your attention. It's a frightening list for any parent. Just remember that these types of behavior are a serious concern no matter what the cause. You shouldn't jump to any rash conclusions, but keep alcohol and other drug abuse in mind as you try to make sense of seemingly unexplainable changes in your child.

  • inexplicable and frequent mood swings

  • apparent lying by your child about what he has been doing when out of the house

  • an unaccountable decline in school performance, including increased tardiness and truancy

  • appearing listless and hung over

  • repeated injuries

  • significant weight loss or weight gain

  • shortened attention span

  • depression

  • school failure or suspension

  • jumpiness or anxiety

  • deteriorating health

  • personality changes, such as paranoia or increased forgetfulness.

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