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Dishonesty, Disrespect, Bad Attitude, Grades Falling, Alcohol or Drug abuse, Depression, ADD or ADHD. Does one or more of these terms describe your teen? If your answer is yes, you probably worry about your at-risk youth's future, feel stressed out and overwhelmed by the problems your troubled teen has, and wonder how you can help your struggling teen change their direction. If you feel like your struggling teen does not have a positive relationship with you and is lacking positive future goals, the best choice may be a boot camp, military academy or reform school. In an unfamiliar environment away from the negative influence of his/her out of control teen friends, your youth will be able to redefine his or her goals for the future.

What is "Our Troubled Teen?"

Our Troubled Teen is a directory of troubled teen programs and schools located in America. Our goal is to help you in your search for a program to fit the specific needs of your child. We are not a referral service.

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There are hundreds of boarding schools, boot camps, and a variety of other specialized teen help programs in the United States to choose from. Our representatives can help you select the school that is ideal for your teen. You should never be afraid of your out of control teen or afraid of what the future holds for your at-risk youth. You are the parent, you have the choice. Many different types of troubled teen options exists, one such option is equine assisted therapy. Choose what is best for your teen; consider the assistance of a boarding school, boot camp, or military school for your struggling teen. A Residential Treatment Center may be an excellent option as well. A reform school or military academy will collaborate with you to help your at risk teen have a better relationship with you and a better chance at life.